8ft Galvanized Corner Bead

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SHEETROCK¨ Brand DUR-A-BEAD TM Corner Bead features all-metal, galvanized steel reinforcement for protecting external corners. The nose of the bead helps prevent damage from impact and provides a screed for finishing. Applied by crimping or nailing to wood framing through the panels and concealed with USG joint compounds for a smooth, finished corner. The all-metal, galvanized steel construction of SHEETROCK TM Brand DUR A BEAD TM Corner Bead adds durable reinforcement to external corners. This product’s nose protects corners from impact and acts as a screed for finishing textures. Once applied and covered with joint compound, this product creates a smooth, finished corner. All metal galvanized steel reinforcement protects outside corners. Easily installed by nailing or screwing.Galvanized. 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″.


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